849 Crotona Park North, Bronx, New York

Property Location: 
849 Crotona Park North
Bronx , NY
Auction Date: 
Wednesday, September 2, 2015
Minimum Bid: 
Final Bid: 

849 Crotona Park North is a multi-family residential building in Bronx, New York. It is situated on a 3,505± sq. ft. lot and contains 5,357± sq. ft. of above grade gross building area. The building directly faces Crotona Park, a local recreational area. The dwelling was constructed circa 1931 and its façade is brick with concrete ornamentation. The foundation is constructed with masonry brick and stone. The subject contains three stories, with a small utility cellar and an external rear garage. Each of the three floors contains multiple rooms that were used for offices, bedrooms, bathrooms, and other services. The subject has a floor area ratio (FAR) of 1.53. The dwelling features a gas fired steam heating system. A fire detection system is present and is connected to the central alarm station.  The subject has deferred maintenance including water damage.